Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide information about our website. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and guidelines. You may also post additional information about our website or ask us questions with the Site Questions and Comments forum.

What is Melanoid Mall and what does it do?

Melanoid Mall is a free online social media marketplace platform. If you choose to become a vendor on our site, you can sell your products and/or services here. We have a 10% commission fee structure. For every dollar you earn on our site using our vendor interface, Melanoid Mall will receive 10 cents. There are no membership, listing or other fees on our site.

How do I get paid from selling on Melanoid Mall?

Melanoid Mall uses PayPay for its payment gateway. You will receive funds from purchases paid via PayPal by buyers of your products and/or services instantly and directly into your PayPal account. Applicable PayPal fees may apply.

Do I need to register an account to buy products and/or services on Melanoid Mall?

There is no registration involved if you wish to buy products and/or services. You can place an order by adding items to your shopping cart and going through checkout for any seller.

Does Melanoid Mall offer buyer protection?

Melanoid Mall does not collect or process funds for buyer or seller. Buyer protection services would be offered by PayPal if available.

How do I contact a seller?

You can contact the merchant by becoming a member of Melanoid Mall and using our internal messaging system and clicking on the “ASK A QUESTION” link which can be found on every Shop Owners product page. You can also check the seller’s store pages to see if they have included additional contact information in their store.

How do I return an item purchased on Melanoid Mall?

You must contact the seller directly for information on their return policy, process and procedure.

How does the Affiliate Program work on Melanoid Mall?

It its as easy as 123 to start making extra cash with our Affiliate Program. Here is how it works:

  1. Register to become a member of our site (if you are not a member already) by clicking the Affiliate Area link on the top menu or in the footer and filling-out the form. Use your PayPal address or the email address associate with your PayPal account in the email field on the form.
  2. Once approved (typically within 24 hours) click the Affiliate Area link and copy your affiliate link we provide you. Make extra cash by promoting the website. You can promote the site by sharing your Affiliate link. Share your link via your website or blog, email, Facebook, any other social media sites and with family and friends.
  3. When someone purchases merchandise and/or services through your link you will profit from that purchase.

When a visitor comes to via your affiliate link, the suggested referral will be valid until 30 days after she or he clicked your affiliate link. Meaning they have 30 days to make a purchase so your account will be credited.

We pay you 5% of the total value of the customer’s shopping basket after purchase on all sales over $10.00 that click through your affiliate link. Your PayPal address is used to send you your commissions. The calculation and payout of commissions due to you will be paid and sent to your PayPal account every week on Friday.

What tips can you offer to shop safely on Melanoid Mall?

Melanoid Mall wants users to have a safe, enjoyable experience shopping in our social marketplace. Use common sense precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Check the seller’s store and any feedback. If you have doubts contact the seller and ask questions before you buy. We also do not advise completing transactions off-site from Melanoid Mall. Off-site transactions are ones not paid via PayPal and not completed through the Melanoid Mall checkout system.